Methylcobalamin Ultra 60 Lozenges(15mg)

There are several forms of vitamin B12 and while hydroxycobalamin and cyanocobalamin are synthetic forms of the nutrient, methylcobalamin is one of two dietary forms of the vitamin. More importantly, methylcobalamin is the active coenzyme form of the vitamin and supports the brain and nervous system. While the recommended daily intake for vitamin B12 is a mere 2.4 micrograms, supplementation with much greater amounts has been shown to protect the nervous system from toxins, help heal nerve cells and provide nutritional support in neurodegenerative conditions.
AOR's Methycobalamin and Methylcobalamin Ultra are intended for the protection of the nervous system and as nutritional therapies for the support of cognition and neurological function in neurodegenerative diseases. The results from animal and test tube studies are clear; Methylcobalamin protects nerve cells from a variety of offences, which include nutrient starvation, oxygen deprivation, exposure to heavy metals and toxins. In humans, supplementation with high doses of methylcobalamin improves recovery time in Bell's palsy, mends nervous function in multiple sclerosis patients, maintains the nervous system's ability to illicit triggers in the muscles of patients with Lou Gehrig's disease, relieves neurological symptoms in Alzheimer's disease, normalizes sleep wake cycles, prevents nerve damage in patients with glaucoma and reduces pain measures in patients with degenerative spinal conditions.
Methylcobalamin is an essential nutrient for the nervous system and a vital supplement for those whose nervous system is in need of a helping hand.
60 Lozenges (15 mg)
Serving Size: 1 Lozenge
Methylcobalamin 15 mg

Adult Dosage: Dissolve one to three tablets under the tongue in the morning, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.
None Known.