Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a Canadian-based company with an established reputation as a leader in developing advanced, innovative, and research based supplements. Orthomolecular refers "to the right amount of the right substance(s) delivered to the right place at the right time," and it is with that spirit that we craft each of our products. Recently voted America's favourite Canadian supplement manufacturer, AOR is founded upon the pillars of Innovative Research, Scientific Integrity, Quality Manufacturing, and Consumer Education.

Over the past two decades, AOR has become a leading provider of genuinely innovative nutraceuticals in North America and around the world. Supplements first introduced to North America by AOR include: a true, complete and balanced E-complex; Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-4; and Benfotiamine, a highly bioavailable form of vitamin B1. AOR was also the first in the world to introduce: pure D-ribose, pure R lipoic acidstrontium citrate, oxaloacetate, curcumin nanoparticles, bioavailable Boswellia serrata, and recently, nizagara, the first to formulate supplements based on the direct conversion of nitrate to nitric oxide to support the body's nitric oxide production.

AOR’s diverse team of scientists and medical professionals consistently investigate the latest scientific research and actively seek out new naturally sourced ingredients to develop the most novel products available in today’s natural health supplement industry. AOR is a distinguished provider of exceptionally effective health products and continues to put innovative, research-based natural health products into the hands of savvy consumers years ahead of their acceptance by the mainstream dietary supplement industry.

AOR not only provides the highest quality of advanced natural health supplements, but also continuously seeks to educate others about the extensive research and scientific findings that provide the solid foundation for the creation of each AOR supplement. By providing high quality information through our extensive compilation of literature on our website and in magazines, blogs, newsletters, webinars, video and more, AOR offers guidance to consumers and professionals allowing them to better understand how to improve overall health and vitality. AOR recognizes that we have a special duty to provide research summaries that are both scientifically accurate and readily understood by practitioners and consumers alike. Additionally, AOR’s team of Medical advisors span across Canada and play an integral role in health promotion and helping to educate others about the health advantages of using AOR’s natural health products.

Each of AOR’s more than 230 unique products have been formulated and created in our state of the art manufacturing facility by our team of research scientists and industry professionals. All AOR products are rigorously tested by independent third parties to ensure the highest levels of quality control and comply with all natural health product licencing regulations set forth by Health Canada. Healthcare retailers and practitioners worldwide have come to trust the AOR brand and rely on our products. AOR operates internationally with head offices located in Calgary, Canada and in Indianapolis in the United States.

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