Prostate-Pro Formula

Prostate-Pro Formula™ helps prevent enlargement of the prostate and relieves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which include urination problems and impotence. It contains potent, all-natural ingredients that have demonstrated an ability to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate or to stop further enlargement. Step-up to a new level of prostate health with Prostate-Pro Formula™. Ingredients (2 Capsules). Saw palmetto 45% 160mg, Lycopene 5% 300mg, Pygeum africanum 100mg, Pumpkin seed 4:1 50mg, Stinging nettle 4:1 125mg, Quercetin 98% 50mg, Selenium 50mcg, Soy isoflavones (supplying daidzein, genistein and glycetein) 10% 50mg and Vitamin D3 400IU, in easily-digested vegetable capsules.


Fat free , salt free , vegetarian , gmo free , dairy free , gluten free , wheat free , yeast free , sugar free , lactose free , egg free , contains organic , soy protein , contains ephedra , no irradiation