NOW Foods Organic Sprouted Golden Flax Seed Meal 400g



NOW Foods Organic Sprouted Golden Flax Seed Meal is a nutritionally-enhanced flax seed product. How they acheive this is by germenating the flax seeds before milling. This improves the overall nutritional value of the flax seeds. 

For example, sprouted flax seed has about 70 times more vitamin E than regular whole or milled flax seeds. Germinating also reduce enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid and insoluble fibre; naturally occurring components that diminish digestibility and bio-availability of Omega-3 oils.

Enjoy NOW sprouted milled flax seed by sprinkling it over salads, cereals, yogurt or your favourite entrées. It can also be used to substitute a portion of the flour in baking and cooking recipes. Refrigerate after opening to prolong shelf-life.

  • Organic
  • Source of Omega-3 fatty acids and Fibre
  • Sprouted to aid digestibility and enhance nutrient values
Ingredients: Organic sprouted golden flax seed.