Ionic Silver Solution 6ppm

Ionic Silver Solution 6ppm

Ionic Silver Solution 6ppm

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For thousands of years, silver has played a role in safeguarding human health.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties, and the Phoenicians used to store water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.

In the early 1900s people would put silver dollars in milk bottles to prolong the milk’s freshness.

Silver compounds were used successfully to prevent infection in World War I before the advent of antibiotics. Silver nitrate solution was a standard of care but was largely replaced by silver sulfadiazine cream (SSD Cream) which was generally the “standard of care” for the antibacterial/antibiotic treatment of serious burns until the late 1990s. Now, other options such as silver coated dressings (activated silver dressings) are used in addition to SSD cream.

NASA uses silver in the water purification systems of the space shuttle and ISS.

The widespread use of silver went out of fashion with the development of modern antibiotics, however, recently there has been renewed interest in silver as a broad spectrum antimicrobial. In particular, it is being used with alginate, a naturally occurring biopolymer derived from seaweed, in a range of silver alginate products designed to prevent infections as part of wound management procedures, which is helpful for burn victims.

Samsung has introduced washing machines with a final rinse containing silver ions to provide several days of antibacterial protection in the clothes. Kohler has introduced a line of toilet seats that have silver ions embedded to kill germs.

Our Products

Mission Falls Ionic Silver Solution comes in the form of Ionized Silver in a base of purified water. This water is tested regularly and we receive reports stating the levels of dissolved solids to make sure they are within our specifications. This means that each and every teaspoon you ingest will deliver millions of silver ions to all of your blood cells, and it’s so small that it will be able to enter the cell and safely kill anything that is infecting it.

In addition to our water reports, we have stringent testing protocols in place, with five separate silver level analyzers, and we regularly submit our product for analysis – this ensures that you get only the best quality for your money.

To help support healthy immune function, choose Mission Falls Ionic Silver – one of the only Health Canada approved silver products on the market today. It is easily absorbed, perfectly safe, and almost 100% pure silver. We package our product in high quality, recyclable glass and PETE plastic bottles. PETE plastic is globally recognized as a safe, recyclable packaging material. Numerous tests have created a broad scientific consensus that PETE is non-toxic and is a safe material for the storage of food and beverages. Facts on PETE supports the efforts of regulators to ensure that plastics are safe for the public through scientific testing and analysis.

Won’t Stomach Acid Ruin Ionic Silver?

The popular theory that orally taken silver ions reach the stomach and mix with your stomach acid to form useless silver chloride is just plain not true!

In order to move mineral ions about your body, for delivery to the area where needed, your body uses proteins to envelope the ions and render them inactive, until they are delivered to the cell or area needing them. Numerous essential biological functions require metal ions, and most of these metal ion functions involve metalloproteins. One-third of all proteins are “metalloproteins”, chemical combinations of protein atoms (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur) with ions of metals such as iron, calcium, copper, zinc, etc. Hemoglobin, for example, that carries oxygen in the bloodstream, is an iron-containing metalloprotein.

If this were not the case, few minerals would remain useable by your body, including essentials like calcium, iron, etc. as they would join other free ions and in many cases make insoluable salts (no bio-availability).

Your saliva has over 200 different proteins and thus they can capture metallic ions before they get near the stomach acid! Also, silver ions are so small they can be absorbed sublingually, through your skin, to directly enter the blood stream, with the help of proteins.

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Dennis Micheal Marynewich
Maybe toxic

We love the gel but am concerned about the Triethanolamine in the product...since this is a toxic substance....its probably deemed safe but really....this is not just cosmetics...

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