Eroxil For Men 30 caps

Eroxil For Men 30 caps

Eroxil For Men 30 caps

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New & Improved Eroxil for Sexual Stamina!

  • Eroxil promotes a healthy and strong libido.
  • Health promoting plant derived polyamines.
  • Revitalizes the male reproductive system.
  • Optimizes sperm production and motility.
  • Supports an ideal level of sexual stamina and performance.
Our New & Improved Eroxil for men comes in capsules and contains the same amount of polyamines and selenium as the original formula, but is fortified with herbal power as well! Tribulus terrestris extract, Panax ginseng extract, and Ginkgo biloba extract have all been added to vastly improve the original formula. 
Tribulus terrestris is a Mediterranean plant, also known as puncture vine. For many years, people have taken tribulus terrestris to improve athletic performance and sexual issues. It has also been used to support heart health and circulation. Studies performed in Bulgaria show that tribulus helps raise LH (luteinizing hormone) and testosterone levels to nature’s full potential and therefore helps with sexual performance, sports performance, and fertility. LH regulates testosterone production in the testes. High levels of LH go hand in hand with high testosterone levels.
Panax ginseng originated in China and Korea and has been used for over 4000 years. Panax ginseng is an adaptogen that balances and stabilizes many of the body’s important processes. Many people take panax ginseng as a tonic to help cope with stress and improve general well-being. This species of ginseng helps to improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Panax ginseng also helps to enhance physical performance, promotes healthy glucose levels, and reduces mental fatigue.
Ginkgo biloba has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Ginkgo improves circulation and also acts as an antioxidant. Improved circulation is necessary for firm erections, but it’s also important for mood improvement and overall cognitive function.
In a nutshell, we wanted to improve the Eroxil by adding time honoured herbs to cover all the bases. Optimizing natural testosterone levels, improving circulation, increasing sexual stamina, decreasing stress, lowering cortisol levels, and utilizing the adaptogenic properties of specific herbs.
Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris extract 20:1 (95% saponins) (fruit) 250 mg, Panax ginseng extract 20:1 (7% ginsenosides) (whole plant) 200 mg, Ginkgo biloba extract 50:1 (24% flavonoid glycosides, 6% terpene lactones) (leaf) 100 mg, Spermidine 2.5 mg, Spermine 2.5mg, Selenium 100 mcg. 
Adult males, take 1 capsule per day. 
 Last 4 years I had trouble getting and keeping an erection!
My sex life has been going down hill. After taking Eroxil for 1 month I have more energy. I wake up in the morning and my sheets are lifted like a tent. I haven’t hat morning erections like this for many years. I will keep on using this product because it works and it is natural.

Paul Whynot, 62, Milton Queens Co., NS, Phone (902) 685-2588

Eroxil started working in less than a week!
I tried most of the ED products. My fiancé is very happy and so am I that we have an active sex life again. Eroxil is a great product.

Roy Divecha, 65, Richmond Hill, ON, Phone (905) 770-9956,

Eroxil works and all others don’t!
In the last 8 years I spent a lot of money on virility products and none worked. Eroxil is the only one that really helps me perform. Now if I could get my wife to take Erosyn. But she is content to just go along.

Keith Comaton, 66, Oklahoma, OK, Phone (405) 604-6999

Second bottle of Eroxil finally gave me full firm erections!
For the last 6 years I have not had a full erection. After taking Eroxil for 1 month I did get a partial erection. While taking my 2nd bottle half way through I finally get full firm erections. Thanks!

Paul A. Marino, Dedham,. MA, Phone (781) 326-6719

Thanks for saving my sex life!
I never thought I would have performance problems until 3 years ago when I had major surgery to remove my colon. After starting Eroxil, I had immediate results. I had better hard erections. Sex was great again. My lady is really happy. I feel like being 30 . I have more energy as well and enjoy life again.

Brian Scholl, 55, Weatherford, TX, Phone (702) 582-4377,

A definite sexual rejuvenation in my Life!
After using Bell Eroxil for a week I began noticing morning erections and an increase in my libido. Erections are stronger and last longer.

Oliver Robinson, 62, Riverdale, GA, Phone (404) 771-0755,

60 year old feels like 30 again!
Last 5 years my erections and sexual performance were slowing down more and more. After taking Eroxil, I feel like a 30 year old. Finally a product that really works. Wife’s comment: You wear me out!

Jerry L. George, 62, Fresh Meadows, NY, Phone (718) 591-5185,

I felt like I was in my twenties again!
Three years ago my doctor put me on blood pressure medication and it was affecting my sex life. At 62 I didn’t feel I was over the hill. After starting Bell Eroxil, my stamina was restored and I could perform like in my 20s again. My girl friend really liked my new vitality.

Denver Harris, 62, Baltimore, MD, Phone (410) 575-0414

Eroxil works just as well as ED meds!
Last 7 years I neededsome help to get good erections. After using Eroxil for 2 days I got good erections at a much lower cost than the drugs. I used also some herbal products that didn’t work. I will never stop using Eroxil.

Danny L. Harness, 69, K.C., MO, Phone (816) 861-3033

At 67 I feel like a young man again!
In the past 4-5 years I have tried other virility products and none worked for me. After 2 days taking Eroxil, I had very impressive erections. I could do it twice in a row, which didn’t happen for a long time. My partner enjoyed our new love making a lot.

Andre O’Doud, 67, Legardeur, QC, Phone (450) 585-3581 French

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