NOW Castor Oil, Expeller Pressed

by Now


Emollient is one of those funny words that is not heard often, but means a great deal when it is. Meaning to smooth and soften the skin, emollient is the perfect word to describe what natural Castor Oil does for the skin. After each application you are left feeling refreshed and new, restoring your skin from any harsh factors it may have been exposed to.

Pure Castor Oil is expeller-pressed from the seed of Ricinus communis and is virtually odourless and tasteless. Castor Oil is considered by many to be one of the finest natural skin emollients available today. Also known as Palma Christi (the "Palm of Christ"), castor oil celebrates a history of use that dates back to Biblical times. Since then, it has been used therapeutically to help support and soften healthy skin and hair, and is commonly used in some of today's most popular cosmetic and beauty formulas. 


  • Pure formula
  • Versatile Skin Care
  • Skin Softener
  • Multi-Purpose
  • The castor oil contained in this product is considered food grade.
  • Expeller-Pressed and Hexane-Free.

Suggested Use:  For topical applications, apply a few drops of 100% Pure Castor Oil to the desired area and massage as needed.  For soft hair, simply add a few drops to your favorite shampoo prior to washing.

Caution:  For uses other than external, please consult a healthcare practitioner.  Castor Oil may cause a laxative effect.

NOW Foods does not test on animals.