Thoroughly Clean Face Wash 8oz

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash is a formulation combining tea tree oil, awapuhi, and essential oils having antiseptic action to thoroughly clean skin and improve complexion.


Castle Soap, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, *Organic Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia), Extracts of Matricaria, Goldenseal, Awaphui (hawaiian white ginger), Bladderwrack, Essential Oil of Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Organic *Lavandine Super & Peppermint Oil.


Moisten face with warm water and gently massage a small amount of Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash in circular motions into the cheeks, chin, forehead and neck, avoiding contact with eyes. Continue for approximately one minute, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Follow this procedure twice daily.

Does Not Contain

Animal Ingredients Or Testing. Alcohol, Detergents, Animal Fat, Artificial Color Or Synthetic Perfumes.