Organic Free Range Eggs Large 1 dozen

  • Eggs from cage free hens raised on an organic, all grain diet without antibiotics, medications or preservatives
  • Certified Organic by an international organic agency
  • No Trans Fats


  • The hens that lay GoldEgg Organic eggs are raised on a high quality diet of organically produced feed containing no antibiotics, medications or preservatives.
  • The hens roam freely within the hen house and have unlimited access to feed and water.
  • GoldEgg Organic eggs are certified as having met the rigorous standards of an international organic agency.
  • GoldEgg Organic eggs are an excellent source of protein, are low in saturated fat and contain no trans fats.
  • Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating recommends 2 to 3 servings of Meat and Alternatives per day and 2 eggs are considered a serving. Enjoy them anytime.