Jojoba Skin Care Oil 16 oz

A unique seed oil that is actually a liquid wax, containing gentle-acting esters, fatty acids and fatty alcohols that are unique to this natural skin care substance. The chemistry of jojoba closely resembles the skinÂ’s own ph factor and natural emolliating processes of sebum production but will not clog pores or become greasy. Because it is so absorbent, jojoba does not provide much lubricity or glide. It is an excellent supplement to the other skin care oils and is appropriate in combination with them for massage, bath applications as well as skin care.


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil.


Softening, Protecting And Balancing. A Natural Source Of Skin-Balancing Plant Oil


Use As Desired For Massage, Skin Care Or In The Bath. Store Tightly Closed In A Cool Dry Place.


Caution: For External Use Only. Use Of This Product May Cause Surfaces To Become Slippery. For Cosmetic Use Only