Ginger Tea

Ginger has influenced the history of mankind since ancient China. Wars were waged and dynasties rose and fell based on the trade of spices, the root of the world's economy for centuries. Ride the trade routes of ancient Asia with Ginger Tea from NOW?.


Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare), and Stevia rebaudiana


Free of: caffeine, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugars. Other Ingredients: Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare) Warnings: Caution: Individuals suffering from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or liver disease should consult a physician before using products containing Licorice. Disclaimers: None

Does Not Contain

caffeine, colors, flavors, preservatives, sugar