Eye Drops- Computer Eye Relief™  

Your eyes work hard and just like you, they can become fatigued, especially after hours of computer work, watching TV, reading, writing, or driving at night. The homeopathic active ingredients in Similasan's Computer Eye Relief sterile eye drops are specifically formulated to soothe and relax tired eyes and address symptoms of eye fatigue which may include eyestrain, eyelid spasms, achiness, blurry or double vision, redness, and sensitivity to light. Computer Eye Relief is safe for long term use and you can apply it as often as your symptoms occur. Take care of your tired eyes so your eyes can take better care of you.


Conium maculatum HPUS 6X, natrium muriaticum HPUS 6X, ruta graveolens HPUS 6X, senega officinalis HPUS 6X, sodium chloride, sodium silver chloride complex, purified water.