Deodorant Crystal - Female

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Type: Deodorant


Deodorant Crystal Female is a peach stone that neutralizes odor causing bacteria for 24 hours without the use of aluminum and chemicals and lasts up to one year.Naturally fresh Deodorant Crystal. 100% Pure & Natural. 24 hour protection. Lasts up to one year. The natural alternative to conventional deodorants.


Natural Mineral Salts, Ammonium Alum


To unlock the power of this amazing crystal, simply moisten the stick and apply it to underarms as you would any other deodorant. Be sure to completely cover the area to be protected, as it forms a protective barrier against odor causing bacteria.

Does Not Contain

Harmful Chemicals, Propellents.


Keep out of reach of children. If rash develops, discontinue use. External use only.

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