Chamomile Herb Tea

Our select organic Egyptian chamomile has a round, deep body and lingering sweetness with an elegant, floral flavor that is ideal for a comforting tea break.Tea drinking has been a healthful delight for centuries. It promotes a state of calm serenity while enhancing mental clarity, and fosters an ambiance of repose and relaxation. Organically grown and processed in accordance with California Organic Food Act of 1990. Through the ages, chamomile has been deeply appreciated for its profound comforting effects, soothing our souls and nervous system. It has long held an honored place in personal herb gardens and sought often from household pharmacies. Choice Organic Chamomile Tea is a great way to unwind at the end of your day. Choice Organic Teas are certified as organically grown by an independent third party. A thorough audit trail follows the tea from the gardens of origin to your cup, and every aspect of the cultivation, handling and packaging is carefully inspected to insure the integrity of this organic product. Choice Organic Teas come from specially-tilled gardens tended by traditional methods. Without chemicals, our Choice tea growers practice careful topsoil management and weed control, creating a balanced environment to alleviate any agricultural problems. With expertise and very diligent care, they achieve exceptional teas.


Organic , gmo free , contains organic , no irradiation


Organic Chamomile Flowers


A truly satisfying cup of tea begins with the best water. Use freshly drawn, cold, filtered water, or spring water when available. Bring water to boil. Pour over a tea bag allowing 4 to 5 minutes for the herbal essences to infuse into your cup. Feel

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