Bifido Factor Dairy Free

by Natren
Bifido Factor contains Lactobacillus Bifidus (bifidobacterium bifidum), which resides in the large intestine, supports liver function, B-complex and vitamin K synthesis, breaks down fiber and starches, aids digestion, and may benefit bladder cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, allergies, cholesterol metabolism, the aging process, inhibiting toxin damage, warding off disease and infection, enhancing immunity, and preventing diarrhea.Natren Trenev Bifido Factor, most specific for the large intestine. Added benefits from natural Supernatant (culturing medium) are maintained by Natren's proprietary Trenev Process. All Natren's products are Non-Centrifuged! Potency and Purity: Billions of viable Bifidobacterium Bifidum per gram (approx. 1/2 tsp.), guaranteed through expiration date, if kept refrigerated and dry at all times.


Dairy free , no irradiation


Culture base of Certified Organically Grown Garbanzo Bean (chich pea) Extract, Cellulose and Viable Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Super Strain Malyoth Added benefits from the Natural Supernatant (culturing medium) are maintained by Natren's Proprietary Trenev Process.


1/2 level teaspoon daily, preferably on an empty stomach. For best results take Natren's Healthy Trinity daily. The Healthy Trinity consists of Megadophilus, Bifido Factor and Digesta Lac.


Viable B, Bifidum Culture Malyoth Super Strain

Does Not Contain

Preservatives, Artificial Additives, Dairy.


Keep refrigerated & dry to maintain potency guarantee.