Aromatherapy For Everyone Book

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  • Discover the Scents of Health and Happiness with Essential Oils

For the beginner, Aromatherapy for Everyone will provide sound advice to get started on this ancient and proven natural therapy.

  • Which oils are best to start with?
  • Which essential oils should I use myself?
  • Are there essential oils I should avoid?
  • How can I receive the maximum benefit from essential oils?
  • Can I mix oils to create my own unique scent?
  • How do I tell a good quality brand of essential oil from a low quality brand?

For those who have already discovered the joys of aromatherapy, this book makes a great reference.

  • The therapeutic, aromatic and creative uses of more than 45 different essential oils
  • A description and brief history of each herb from which an essential oil is derived
  • Information on treating common ailments such as colds, wounds, muscular aches and pains, headaches, and stress
  • Includes beautiful color herb photographs by Stephen Foster

"Aromatherapy for Everyone makes the subject fun, practical and immediately accessible to all who wish to use essential oils for aromatherapy. From the Fun Fact section to the useful tips on aromatherapy for health and delight, this book is an essential guide to the subject." - Steven Foster

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