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Earth Matters All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate allows you to employ one safe and effective botanical source product for a range of cleaning projects. Rather than investing in many different products for various cleaning projects around your home, you can create a cleaner for a specific project simply be varying the dilution. Made from vegetable based, sustainable and renewable surfactants, Earth Matters' All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate allows you to safely and effectively clean your home while lessening your impact on the environment.

Ingredients: Water, fatty alcohol ethoxylates, sodium carbonate, trisodium citrate, diacetic acid.


  • Free from enzymes, perfumes, dyes, phosphates and petroleum products.
  • Free from volatile organic solvents
  • Free of SLS and DEA
  • Versatile and suitable for any hard surface
  • Handled bottle for easy pouring
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegrades by 99% in 28 days (OECD 301D testing)
  • Natural Source Ingredients
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