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The Aerobic Oxygen Oral Cleanse is an excellent product for dental hygiene, keeping teeth clean, removing stains, and fighting bad breath.    

Dentists have used Aerobic Oxygen as an "Oral Cleanse" with their patients after extractions and other procedures for many years. Do not swallow or consume. 


We are not changing the formula of Aerobic Oxygen.  It is the same product we have sold for over 30 years.  It is, however, re-labelled  as an "Oral Cleanse" so that it can be legally sold in Canada for use as an "Oral Cleanse".

(The following is an excerpt from a bulletin posted in Jan 2018): 

"As most of you know, in August 2017 Health Canada issued a stop-sale for the Aerobic Oxygen in Canada.  "Health Canada is advising Canadians that Aerobic Oxygen, an unauthorized product sold online by "Good For You" at, may pose serious health risks, and has been classified as a drug. "

As you are aware,  Good For You Canada has been marketing the Aerobic Oxygen for over 30 years throughout the world. Keep in mind that customers for over 30 years have been consuming Aerobic Oxygen in a suggested dosage of 20 drops 3 times daily, and sometimes more, and there has never been a single incident of an adverse reaction reported to GFY, nor to Health Canada.  Aerobic Oxygen is very concentrated and must be used as instructed, however Aerobic Oxygen carries over 3 decades of safety history.  We have requested information on why Health Canada has indicated it poses a health risk, but they have not given us any information that would support their claim. 

To keep our explanation to you simple, we have a couple of options with the Aerobic Oxygen. 

First, in order to meet the requirements to have it approved as a drug, we would have to undergo drug-style human clinical trials and testing and spend possibly millions of dollars to satisfy their requirements.  It could also take several years to have it classified as a drug... 

The second option is that we can promote the product under an "Oral Cleanse" category.  We would re-label the product and indicate that you can rinse your mouth with it, but should not swallow or consume.  That being said, it is actually an excellent product for use as an "Oral Cleanse", and dentists have used Aerobic Oxygen as an "Oral Cleanse" with their patients after extractions and other procedures for many years.  

We are excited about providing Aerobic Oxygen as an "Oral Cleanse".  For those of our customers that have not used Aerobic Oxygen as an oral cleanse, you will be surprised at how effective it is."

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Customer Reviews

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Sherri Lee Creber
Is this safe

I purchased a bottle of Aerobic Oxygen oral cleanse and the lady at the health store says that she uses it everyday in her water which she consumes. Is this alright?

Yes, consuming Aerobic Oxygen in water is safe. The recommended dose is 20 drops in 8oz of water or juice. It can be taken up to 3 times daily. Hope this helps!

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