Do the foods you eat sometimes give you painful bladder symptoms? Studies now confirm that it may be the acid in those foods giving you all that trouble. Prelief is the only product that takes out food acid as you eat. Taking Prelief with foods can often stop them from causing painful symptoms. Some foods, almost all of them acidic or spicy, produce bladder symptoms, as reported by many people with painful bladder; some experts term these foods ‘trigger foods.’ They include coffee, fruits and juices, juice drinks, tomato sauce, wine and a great many others of nutritional importance, whose acidity is often not immediately obvious until the effects are felt. Prelief is an amazingly simple and safe alternative to drugs. But don’t take just our word for it: recent research links acid food sensitivities to IC/BPS flare-ups and confirms the beneficial effects of taking Prelief with trigger or provocative foods. Recent studies/surveys can be accessed with the latest health professional information concerning the beneficial uses of Prelief with provocative foods that trigger painful bladder: CLICK HERE FOR STUDIES - INCLUDING NEW WOUND STUDY PUBLISHED, DECEMBER 2011

Urology studies are clear, and the fact that they confirm one another constitutes a scientific consensus regarding foods as a trigger cause of bladder problems as well as Prelief’s value as a means of changing those foods' problem properties. Where painful bladder symptoms are triggered by acid foods, nothing works on those foods as well as Prelief does and nothing is as satisfactory as no-side-effects, non-drug Prelief! Yes, Prelief takes the acid out of foods. Prelief even takes the acid out of favorite foods containing “hidden” acid you aren’t aware of, like chocolate, baked beans, sherbets, yogurt and too many others to even name. Try Prelief for a week or two and see if there isn’t a difference you can feel. Simply take one or two Prelief tablets when you eat acidic foods or sprinkle Prelief powder in or on those foods. It’s that simple and easy.

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